Relax your muscles. Stimulate blood flow. Sculpt your curves.

When it comes to speeding up muscle recovery, relaxing your muscles after intense workouts, and relieving fatigue or soreness, it doesn't get any better than the Wood Therapy Massage Roller.

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Wood Therapy Massage Roller
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key features

independent rollers

high strength wood

ergonomic handle

wonder wood

perfect and reliable

Thousands of customers have fallen in love with our Wooden Exercise Roller, but don’t take their word for it - take your own


Full-body Wooden Roller

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Wooden Massage Paddle

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Absolutely Love This

Use it on my stomach. It is so smooth. I wish someone invented a way for you to use it on your upper arms without anyone else being around. This is now part of my daily routine.

Jennifer B.

Excellent Massager

I use these once a week sometimes twice when I over eat or don't do any exercise. I love the way it feels. I even had someone massage my back with them. Best idea ever!

Charles F.

Best Purchase Ever

In one use, combined with a 2.5% retinol body cream, it made my tummy look toned, like 70% better and on the backs of my thighs made it look about 50% better.

Pauline L.